gigolohitman (gigolohitman) wrote,

It's hard being an artist...

Dakost arrived at Denpaged in early 1054. He had an eclectic mix of skills from his previous jobs, especially of note were his ability in trapping, and his experience operating furnaces. He was looking forwards to fitting in, and was whistling happily to himself as he marched jauntily down into the darkness of the mountainhome.

He stopped in amazement - Was that...surely it couldn't be...but it is! it is! Casidhe, legendary weaponsmith, creator of Ogtummosos Morasstragic? Should he say something? Should he play it cool..oh my! she was looking at him! At him! and walking towards him and...


She strode past, as Dakost sat whimpering, clutching his bruised arm.

"Casidhe Runecrafter enjoyed starting a fight recently."

(Casidhe had a masterpiece destroyed. It might well have been a bolt that she made, but whatever it was, she was distraght and is currently storming through the fortress, throwing things and beating up noobs. This is more serious than Persephone's tantrum :-( I hope she gets through it)

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