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Return to Denpaged

The water splashed around a corner, churning and roiling as it rushed through the old mining works. Urdum, the only dwarf with any skill in construction, had rushed to the corridor, and managed to find the rocks he would need to construct a defense, before he was forced to retreat as the water level rose around his feet.

Deep deep below, everyone had realised there was no time to escape - running to the stairs would only be a way to meet the water more quickly. The town needed a hero to emerge - someone to divert the water, or dam the stairs, or....

In this scene of panic and confusion, dwarves wondering if they would drown here, deep beneath the surface, one dwarf stepped forwards. One dwarf had a plan, a course of action, a response to this desperate crisis. Stepping forwards into the meeting room, Ludwig stepped up on to a table. As one, the dwarves present turned their faces up to his. With all the presence learnt from training for what he was still sure would have been a stellar career as a model, Ludwig marshalled his fellow dwarves in to action.

"We still have Beer!"

A moment of silence, and then applause to drown out the rushing sound of water. The dwarves ran to the stores, and soon Ludwig's party was in full swing.

(So...the flood is still ongoing, and attempts to stop it have so far been unsuccessful. However, I have the reassuring announcement that "Ludwig has organised a party at the obsidian table"....I'm pretty sure that I won't resurrect the tale of Denpaged for two updates only...I think the flood will be okay, isn't a certainty...)


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