February 20th, 2012

Meet the First Settlers of FortressLovely

A brief introduction to the motley band which is currently spending half their time building a fledgling fortress, and half their time violently vomiting and rushing to the water to wash off the repulsive goo that regularly rains down in this area, coating everything in a yellow, nausea inducing muck.

Ajntornj - Our stone specialist, with skills in masonry, engraving and architecture. He's fat, and has the most awesome facial hair: A long moustache which he keeps neatly combed, and a long beard with double braids. Currently (as I type) dodging through goop pools to erect our trade depot outside.

Anita - Our brewer and cook. Extremely skinny, with a burning hatred of blood gnats. I've never met a blood gnat, and I'm not sure she has, but she really doesn't like those things. She's just been adopted as our part time butcher, as both our pack animals died when the grass got covered in repulsive goo, and we need the meat.

Casidhe - Despite not having had much work to do, Casidhe has suffered the most for the fortress, as those without specific jobs have had more reason to venture outside, and collect the pile of goods left by our wagon. That will change though - she has just put the first seeds in the ground, and we will soon be relying on her to keep us fed. She is scrawny, with a raspy voice.

Daydreamweaver - Our protection against whatever this land will throw at us, Daydreamweaver brought her trusty axe. So far, it's only been used against trees (which we consider to be proxy elves, so it's no bad thing) as she also works as a woodcutter. She is something of a glass cannon warrior - very strong, but also flimsy and slow to heal.

Gedhrel - Gedhrel is often seen wandering around the fortress, clutching some box of gears or elaborate cantilever arrangement, on his way to setting up the traps, floodgates, levers and other moving parts of our new home. When he isn't mechanicing he makes beautiful object's d'art from spare gabbro stone. He is in constant competition with Ajntornj, as he has similarly impressive facial hair.

Spike - Spike likes hornblende, tin, onyx opal, giant moon snail shell, the colour turquoise, mail shirts, and spears. We don't have any of those things, but he is one of the happiest dwarves in the fortress at the moment. Given his skill with a pick, he spends all his time inside, hacking at the rockface, carving out the fortress. This means he spends less time in the vomit inducing goop rain than any other dwarf.

Tigerpixie - Tigerpixie dabbles. She made the wooden beds we currently share, and will make more when we have enough space dug out for individual rooms. She also helps Spike down in the depths, adding her tunnelling ability to his. Secretly though, she has been studying negotiation and influencing, and has ambitions to lead the fortress. When it comes time to appoint a leader, she would like a chance to lead. Still, she isn't sure she deserves it - she notably lacks confidence in her abilities.

And that's the starting seven :-) If anyone else wants a dwarf, let me know, and you can have the first immigrants. Otherwise, watch this space for more vomiting, digging and evil parrots. I kid you not.