February 19th, 2012

Strike the Earth

After one false start involving a critical bug in the first release, we are off. I used tigerpixies fort name suggestion.

Behold - the future site of "Geshudaval Tecak Kal". In dwarf fortress dwarvish that means "FortressLovely, the Sweetness of Smiles"

(there was no dwarven word for Anita)

We're at the bottom of a glacier. You can see a frozen stream passing over the bare rock before it plummets many metres down a (now frozen) waterfall. There is some greenery - we are right at the snowline, at the start of Spring.

The area is rumoured to be haunted. Some madness has brought us here - perhaps an administrative error, maybe someone settling a grudge. Suffice to say the sooner we are all underground, the happier I'll be.

Still, we'll show them, right? This certainly won't end in some sort of undead driven clusterfuck? Nope.

Watch this space for dwarf assignments, as well as progress reports! For FortressLovely!