August 23rd, 2010


This is one for all my friends who have strong opinions about equality, tax policy, etc.

Should beautiful people be taxed for being beautiful?

It is widely acknowledged that the beautiful get an easier ride through life. Myriad benefits accrue the attractive. In court, if you are attractive, the jury typically gives you a much easier time. In nightclubs, your quality of life is much improved by being someone girls/boys do not avoid because you look like a mutilated naked mole rat. Indeed, if someone is disfigured in an accident, compensation acknowledges the high value that being good looking has.

Leaving aside actual earnings (which are already taxed) made because of good looks (film stars, TV presenters, actually most other careers to some extent), these benefits are experience by the good-looking, and them alone.

So should we tax people, in an attempt to make them equal? If the ideology behind your beliefs about taxation is one of creating equality, what justification lies behind your feelings that we should not tax the beautiful? Or do you only think money is important, that the dollar is as far as equality should go?

I've only just starting thinking about this, but my instinct is that this is a good idea in theory, but not practically implementable. Still, when I'm the ruler of the world...