July 19th, 2010

A Very Dwarven Love Story

Anita looked around the rough-hewn rock room that was to be her new surgery. The beginnings of the new fortress were already more impressive than the old fortress, wide rooms with multiple workshops, stockpiles, even individual rooms, everything was taking shape.

It was still quiet though, and she liked it like that. Soon this area would bustle with dwarves, stomping down the corridor, carrying metal, coal, food, seeds, drink, everything that made life in a fortress worthwhile.

Well, not everything. A secret smile crossed Anita's lips. She had a suitor. Well, more than a suitor, in the few moments they had managed to steal alone. She was certain he would soon propose, and then she'd have a family! Sure, he wasn't Ludwig, but he loved her, and she loved him. Life was good.

She tutted. Enough daydreaming. There was thread, newly bought from the caravan, to store, ready for stitching, and cloth for wound dressing, and...wow. She sure hoped that she could remember all the anatomy lessons she had had before coming out here. It didn't help that she had been given a gift - a figurine entitled "The doctor forgets everything she's supposed to know, and stands over the broken corpses of her dieing kin". Persephone said it was for luck.

There was a sound behind her - the door of the surgery had not yet been fitted. She span round, a rebuke on her lips - either this was the *late* delivery of medical supplies, or someone was disturbing her when she should be working.

It was him!

Smiling, she stepped forwards. He stepped towards her, hesistating, obviously with joy. He'd been in a fight! He was bruised, battered, and she stepped quickly towards him, concern breaking into joy. He moaned with passion as she hugged him tight. Her hands were sticky, and red - what a hero! He had slain some creature in the depths! Probably saved the fortress - you couldn't say that of Ludwig. The unknown creature's red blood trickled down his back, testiment to his skill and bravery.

"Why are you here?"

He groaned again, and staggered towards one of the hospital beds.

She gasped, secretly delighted. He seemed overcome with emotion - was he about to propose?

It was too much.

She looked once more at his ashen face. He was struggling to speak, and the moment was too much. What a hero, what a dwarf! She would said yes, of course. It was too much though. "Wait here" she whispered, stepping back, still looking at him, at his ashen face, at the red stain spreading on the sheets. "I'll be back soon. I just have to...um...have to carry more of Persephone's work to the trade depot! Wait for me!"

She rushed out of the room, grabbing a finely carved mug from Persephone, before she tackled the giant staircase leading up out of the mountain.

Why was her face wet? She was crying? It had to be the emotion. This was a big day! Yes! A big day! She was about to get engaged!

"Wait for me..."

"Wait for me..."

New Friends

Ooops! I missed a comment on the first Dwarf Post from Casidhe.

Introducing you all to Casidhe Runecrafter, Weaponsmith.

Following the unfortunate death of her mentor in a troll attack, Casidhe is our main (and only) weaponsmith. She tells everyone she was at least as good as the old weaponsmith, but in her heart she worries. Will she be able to create the weapons that the fort needs to ensure our safety from the many perils? When people tell legends of Denpaged, will they fete her name, for the blades that slew the most fearsome of foes, or will she pass unmentioned into the night, following her fortress into oblivion?

Casidhe is very immodest, and does not handle stress well. She is slow to trust others, and has but one friend, Zuglar, the animal trainer. She loves new ideas and likes to try new things. She likes donkeys for their stubbornness. She is a worshipper of Thabost the Hot Rocks, who often takes the form of a dwarf, and is associated with volcanoes and mountains.

If anyone else would like dwarving, let me know. Potentially attractive roles include

Militia Commander (F)
Militia Captain x3 (mixed)
Brewer (mixed, all not terribly good yet)
Armourer (M)
Siege Engineer (M)