July 14th, 2010

Malachite 1051

Diary of Atar Beralod, Miner

So we dug a lot of stone. Hit gold, iron ore, copper. Even bituminous coal - everything we need to start making metal weapons now, and keeping ourselves safe. Except a dwarf who knows which is the anvil and which is the forge. Then who walks in out of the wild, bold as you like? Bloody johnny-come-latelys, that's who.

We empty lakes to get mud pits for farming mushrooms, we build a trade depot ready to see Persephone's stonecrafts, we have that scare with the over-curious fox, we strike frickin gold and half of the mountainhome turns up expecting a share.

Anyway, fine to see a metalworker, that's okay, we need one of those. What else do we need? Oh wait, bloody nothing is what - and why? 'cos Besmar Vulcarust walks in doesn't he. Persephone goes to meet him, all "Welcome" (as if they somehow are) "what can you do for our fort?" (she's direct. I'll give her that). Then he says

"I'm a woodcrafter" (great, thinks I. We need some toy boats in this desperate little hellhole. That's what we REALLY need. Anyway he continues)

I also Butcher
Tan hides,
I can make Cheese,
Oh and milk animals, obviously. You do have purring maggots, don't you?
I cook too.
And I've worked a bit on farms, y'know? Just trying my beard.
I'm okay with herbs and medicines too - grandfather taught me that.
Oh yeah, and I work with fabric too - you know, dyeing it into pretty colours"

Great. This guys frikking superdwarf, and he has a beard at least twice as long as mine. At least he doesn't mine. Bet he wouldn't know his sedimentary from his igneous, the soft elf-lover.

Anyway, we got Id, too - says he can handle himself in a fight, so he'll start some sort of militia. And Zefon. He just sort of appeared - didn't see him walking up. Like some kind of dwarven shadow. Apparently he used to be some kind of jeweller to the old king - the one who's rivals seemed to drop dead rather too often for propriety. He says he has some talent with gems and cloth...

So that's the immigrants. A metalsmith, who I supposed is welcome, Mr fancy pants "Oh well, my mother taught me something about flower arranging" Besmar, and this scary scary jeweller who I'm pretty sure isn't all that he seems.

And I was just getting used to the place.

Dwarf Profiles: Anita

(The game has detailed personality info on all your dwarves from which I'm compiling these. Much of it can be ignored for 99.9% of the time. Then your elite axedwarf with a goat obsession sees a goat die a horrible death, and deides to take out his misery on everyone else. With an axe.)

Anita, the chief medical dwarf and engineer.

She worships Toral, who most often takes the form of a dwarf and is associated with fortresses.

Anita has copper skin and long saffron hair, which is braided. She has a clear voice, short narrow ears and a broad head. She has an angular chin.

She is very weak - just strong enough to lift rocks into place in the many traps she is currently constructing around the fortress.

She likes marble, trifle, pewter, yellow grossular, the colour dark tan, bolts, tables and amulets. When possible she likes to eat dwarven wheat flour (although she knows it isn't good for her!). She has good spatial sense, which comes from carefully aligning mechanisms to drop rocks on bad things, but poor analytical abilities and little musical inclination.

She is immune to stress and appreciates art and natural beauty. She dislikes intellectual discussions. She naturally trusts everyone, and likes helping out others. She needs alcohol to get through the working day.

She is good friends with Persephone, Ludwig, and Reg the Carpenter, and a long term acquaintance with the other original dwarves. She's just started making friends with Kadol the Metalsmith, a fellow Toral worshipper.

She spends most of her time in the fortress building mechanisms and installing them into traps. She knows a little medicine, and if anyone is injured then she will be the one to look after them - she holds the position of "Chief Medical Dwarf"

Sandstone 1051

Ludwig approaches Jan Smallhammer.

"Jan, I..I need some advice"

"What is it, Lud?"

"I always thought Persephone was my friend. Then...

"Well, she made a little statue of me."

"So what's the problem? Oh! you mean *little*" Jan smiled knowingly. "Well, we can't all be..."

"Not like that!" Ludwig exclaimed. "It's a perfectly proper statue, it's just....well, you know how I hate roaches? I mean, I don't tell everyone, but you were all there that night on the journey when I couldn't sleep after I found a roach in my tent?"


"Well, she made this"

Ludwig produced the figurine from under his shirt, and showed it to Jan. He squinted at it, trying to make sense of it for a moment, then he realised...

...and almost burst a blood vessel trying to choke back his laughter.