July 12th, 2010

Granite, 1051

Diary of Rimtar ezumrikust, Dwarven Mechanic.

Finally got here. Sick of walking, staring at those god forsaken ass's god forsaken asses. So: Denpaged - no idea who called it that, but odds are they're too important to be sent anywhere near a hole like this, so it's not like I can tell them what I think of it.

Atir and Ablel Struck the Earth, and started trying to put some rock between us and whatever animals are lurking out here.

The crag juts out of the forest like a dwarven finger shown to the elves. There's a bit of a valley between the cliff and this other heap of rock, and that's where we're going to call home. Plenty of trees nice and close, to turn into charcoal, and use for smelting. A brook, for water in case we ever run out of booze. Still, the water is even more last resort than normal, given the many fanged fishes that Tekkud saw on the way here.

Speaking of Tekkud he seems to have appointed himself leader. Fine by me. Sooner my workshop gets moved into the rock the better - we're making a lot of noise out here. I've only seen foxes, but I'm sure there is worse out there. One thing my mamma taught me - there's always something worse out there.