April 3rd, 2010

More little things

I've been terrible at updating recently. So I'm just going to write about HOW FRICKIN AMAZING DWARF FORTRESS IS!!!!

Just had a goblin ambush sprung on my civilians. Called up my squad (5 brave dwarves, led by a guy who is clearly ex military, came here for a quiet life pursuing his small ability in fish dissecting (I kid you not), and who is still very upset I noticed that he had a useful, if more dangerous, skillset), and told them to go kill my goblins.

They ran past the blacksmith, limping away from the area, with a bolt lodged in his back through his leather cloak, and towards the goblins...epic fight ensued.

It finished with my militia commander, the aforementioned XXXXXXXXX, charging the goblin crossbowman. A direct transcript follows:

The militia commander hacks the Goblin Crossbowman in the right upper leg with her (silver battle axe) and the severed part flies off in an arc. (The brackets tell you it's a good quality axe...oh, and that's probably gg goblin, but it does get off a simultaneous shot at point blank...)

The flying ({copper bolt}) strikes the militia commander in the right upper arm, but the attack is deflected by the militia commander's iron mail shirt! (phew! a good quality bolt - the curly brackets are telling me that it's automatically told my civilians not to go collect that bolt right now - good plan! What will happen next?)

The goblin crossbowman falls over (well, okay. I guess he would)

My militia commander then hacks the goblin in the chest, tearing apart muscle and liver, and severing an artery, but also lodging his axe in the wound (good job this is the last goblin). He gets time to twist the axe a bit, before the rest of my squad (one is missing a toe, another has a mangled hand) catch up and wail on the intruder.

Goblins defeated for now, but I need more soldiers. They'll be back.