February 1st, 2010

Little things

So I'm not a perfectionist, by pretty much any standard. However, if there is something that can be done better for similar effort..well, I think that's a good idea. When I make tea for the office:

Boiling water gets poured onto tea first (needs boiling water to brew, so a few fractions of a degree probably best spent here).

Then onto herbal teas (most likely to be improved by hot water.)

Then onto coffee, immediately followed by milk (at a lower temperature the milky coffee will not cool as quickly, ensuring the hottest drink is delivered to my colleague.

Stir the drinks, starting with the tea and herbal tea (which both need to infuse.) Then the coffee (which is instant)


I'm pretty sure all my colleagues absolutely adore me by now purely because of the small benefits that accrue to each of their hot drinks. I suspect it will feature as a large part of my performance review tomorrow.